Mike Zambelli is the sports director for Service Electric TV2 and was doing some interview at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A guy that was most likely drunk off his ass decided it would be a good time to interrupt this badass reporter during an interview on live TV.
Wrong. You don’t interrupt a boss like Zambelli at work and this dude found that out the hard way. Rockin’ his Batman t-shirt and a cowboy hat, he hopped in mid-interview to try to unleash a vulgar videobombing on the viewers. (For those wondering: Yes, he was trying to say, “F### her right in the p####!”)

Mike Zambelli wasn’t having any of it and went into full boss mode instantly, when he socked the man in the gut before finishing the interview calmly and like a boss.
Now, in most places there would probably be some type of lawsuit filed after this and there would be cops all over, but this is Bethlehem. People are chill and anything goes! In fact, the police chief himself said it was “hilarious”!
What did Zambelli have to say about punching a man on live television during an interview? Haha, just… “He startled me, so I reacted. It’s not a big deal.” Did we mention he’s a boss?!
And the wannabe vulgar videobomber, 27-year-old Donny Dauphin, wasn’t offended either. He knew he had it coming and accepted his quick punishment! He said, “Please tell Mike Zambelli, no hard feelings. And nice right hook.”
Keep being boss out there, Mike Zambelli.