The rock band Staind was performing at the Kansas City Rockfest, when a teen girl (who apparently looked about 15 years old) was lifted up to crowd surf. She was repeatedly groped and pinched by a few scumbags near the stage, so Staind frontman Aaron Lewis went into full boss mode!
Warning! The following video contains graphic language.

He promptly stopped his performance and called these guys out in true boss fashion. After berating them for a good minute straight and threatening to have the offenders beaten up by the rest of the crowd, he went back to singing his song like nothing happened! Talk about BOSS.
I’m sure the teen girl appreciates Aaron’s direct approach to get her out of a situation she wasn’t comfortable in. She’s probably an even bigger fan of Staind now. We certainly are!
The rest of the crowd cheered as the frontman was putting these imbecile blockheads in their place. And who wouldn’t be?! Keep being a boss, Aaron. We’ll be jamming out to some Staind all weekend long for sure!