When young children die, it’s going to make your heart hurt extra and this story of 4-year-old Jack Robinson is no different, but fortunately the story also has a bright spot: The granting of a young boy’s final wish by his loving parents.
Warning: Get some tissues, because this story is emotional and even some manly tears may be shed, while reading this.
4yo Jack had an inoperable brain tumor, which ultimately caused his death at such a young age. Pictured below is Jack (on the right) with his twin brother Liam.

His final wish was to have a Star Wars funeral and his incredible parents, Terence and Marie Robinson, were determined to make this last request a reality. Shown below are some images from Jack’s beautiful funeral with the Star Wars theme he wanted.

A few Star Wars lovers came dressed as Stormtroopers to provide a guard of honor for young Jack. His carriage itself was labeled with the word ‘JEDI’ (a Jedi being a guardian of peace and justice in the Star Wars movies) as a beautiful floral tribute. Wreaths in the shapes of a lightsaber, Yoda and R2-D2 were also used to help decorate the carriage.

Inside the church, a brass band played the Luke Skywalker theme and R2-D2 was one of the greeters at the door. On his order of service it said, “Master Jack Robinson, joined the force 1st April 2014.”

Also a massive ‘Doctor Who’ fan, Jack received a number of personal messages from the show’s star (Matt Smith). He even sang the ‘Doctor Who’ theme for 4yo Jack before he passed away at the hospital.

We end with a final farewell to this young boss of a Jedi. May you rest in peace, Jack Robinson.