Megan Bratten, a single mother of five children, came out of the grocery store and found her van missing. A van she uses for work to provide for her five kids!
Needless to say, she was upset, but then she remembered her cell phone was also in the van, so she started texting it, pleading with the thief to just give her car back.

After a myriad of texts like “Hey, you just stole a single mother of five’s work van. You are ruining my life here!” and “OMG car thief people can you just give me my van back! It would be epic, the miracle I need right now.”, she finally received a text back from the thief.

It included step by step directions to where she could find her car. Instead of calling the police like she should have, Bratten went with her dog and her mother to get her van. It was there and the thief had even refilled her leaking transmission fluid!

The final text message from the thief read, “I do feel bad…my kids needed a meal on the table so that’s what their dad did got them food. I know its wrong but it’s been so hard since I lost my job.” At least he felt bad enough for what he had done to give the van back.

Now Megan Bratten can continue to use her trusty van to help provide for her five children like a boss.