Michael Shafts works part-time at a restaurant called ‘The Ginger Man’ in Albany, New York, USA. Recently, he received the largest tip any employee of the establishment has ever gotten, when a generous customer tipped him $1,000! The total cost of the customer’s bill had been $114, so that’s an 878% tip!

The bosslike tipper had been at the restaurant to celebrate his 47th birthday with a 47-year-old bottle of wine and his lovely wife. As the couple exited the place, the wife of the unselfish man told the waiter, “My husband has done something special for you.”

Indeed he had! Michael Shafts had received his first $1,000 tip ever and was in shock. He said, “It was surreal. I was shaking. I couldn’t feel my legs. I shook his hand, I hugged him twice, and I said it was too much, twice. He insisted, twice, that he wanted to do it, that it was legitimate.”

On the bill with the large tip, the charitable customer also left a personal note for the waiter that read, “Pay it forward. My birthday present to me!” Mr. Shafts took that to heart and shared more than half of his $1k tip with his hardworking co-workers like a boss!