Prepare to have your mind blown by how awesome these home remodels are. Some people really know how to do it up big.
Simple Upgrade
We’ll start off with a “simple” upgrade. Normally, this would already be a really awesome upgrade, but of course we’re going to have to top it! This home is somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia and looks completely different after the remodel.

Airplane Hangar
Wow. We had no idea we’d ever envy someone living in an airplane hangar, but this one is truly bosslike and you can work out of it as well.

RV Trailer
This is about as bosslike as a trailer can get. It looks like a cozy little cabin, but you can move it relatively quickly if bears try to eat you or your neighbors are jerks!

Is That Really The Same House?!
In Saint Petersburg, Florida, a family went all out when they remodeled their home. It looks nothing like what they started with!

Missile Silo
FIRE ZE MISSILES! The perfect home for anyone nostalgic about the Cold War. What the hell did I just type?

This is actually a hotel, but we had to share it with you. They took a 1965 Boeing aircraft, tossed that sucker into some trees, attached a luxurious hotel to it and filled that hotel with hand-carved Indonesian teak furniture like a boss. You can’t go wrong staying at this place and you’ll probably get to meet some monkeys during your stay!

I’m on a boat! If you don’t want to live in a plane, maybe you’d rather live in a boat? This particular boat used to be a transport ship and was built in the 1920s by Ford Motor Company. Why not drag it up a riverbank and turn it into a home? First, it was used as a bed & breakfast, but later as a private residence for some boss.

Grain Silo Bachelor Pad
Perfect for any single gentleman living in Utah. With a view of the Provo River, this grain silo turned into a bosslike bachelor pad would impress any lady.

Another Story
Sometimes a bland one story home just isn’t enough. Just improve everything about it with a sweet remodel and add another story to it in the process! This triumphantly beautiful home is located on Treasure Island in Florida.

Fire Tower
This home also serves as a fire lookout during fire season in Montana. The view is excellent.

School Bus
A great alternative to a traditional RV. This couple turned a 1991 Ford Thomas school bus into a home on wheels. They now live wherever they want to like a boss!

Poverty To Prosperity
The before image of this house looked decent, but the after picture just makes it seem like it was the ultimate poverty home. This particular remodel was done in Seattle, Washington and is definitely an upgrade!

The Rock
You can turn anything into a home, if you put your mind to it and work hard. A family in Portugal turned this rock into a house.

Gas Station
Do I wanna live in a gas station? Hell no, I don’t wanna live in a gas station. Well… maybe I wanna live in a gas station. You can find this one in the Bayou neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Cement Factory
Living in a remodeled factory means high ceilings and more space than you could even imagine. You better get some cleaning robots, because no one wants to vacuum and mop all those damn floors! This particular cement factory was turned into a home, workplace and exhibition hall by the owner. It’s located in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.