In the fascinatingly shocking video that follows, you’re about to witness the greatest cold water challenges ever made. If you want to top these, we wish you all the best with your heart attack goals of 2014.
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Based on an old custom of the indigenous people of North America (namely the First Nations and Inuit of Canada), which involves cleansing the body in freezing cold water or snow while wearing very little or no clothing, 24 hour winter challenges are the latest craze on various social media platforms like Facebook. They have made their way from Canada to the United States and even as far as Norway (where the trend is currently booming).
While the original ritual is a private ceremony to cleanse, heal, re-vitalize and strengthen the body and its immune system, the 24 hour winter challenge videos people are posting are very public. The first of these videos was made by 19 year old Canadian Kura Jack, who wanted to get people to play in the snow again and was frustrated by seeing all her friends spending too much time indoors. With her brother wielding the camera, Kura stripped down to her shorts and sports bra before making snow angels on video! After her brother had his turn, she challenged her cousins to do the same.
The idea spread like wildfire, (if wildfire was freezing cold) and soon there were thousands of 24 hour winter challenges going on at the global level via social media. People of all ages were making (and still are) winter challenge videos that featured them making snow angels or hopping into cold water, while wearing just their underwear or a bathing suit. Some 24h cold water challenge videos even feature grown men wearing thongs!
In Norway the challenge revolved mostly about alcohol, and those who didn’t want to accept the challenger had to buy the challenger a bottle of wine or whiskey or other beverages, but eventually, charity was added to the mix to motivate people. Once you’ve been nominated by one of your Facebook friends to participate in a cold water challenge, you have to jump into freezing cold water or donate money to charity. This is fundraising like a boss with an epicly chilled twist!
Usually these bosslike charity fundraising challenges derived from an ancient ritual are set up as follows:
1. Someone issues a cold water challenge to a few friends and jumps into some frosty H2O on video to get things started.
2. The friends then have 24 hours to either:
a) Jump into cold water and donate $10 to a charity of their choosing. (The $10 donation is not always part of the challenge.)
… OR…
b) Donate $100 to a charity chosen by the challenger (or buy them some alcohol !?)
3. Get pneumonia and die. Just kidding! (Or are we?) No, but seriously, everyone wins because money will be given to charity and we’re all about good causes here at Like A Boss.
Now that you’ve seen the best cold water challenges and know what they’re all about, it’s time for you to top them! (Good luck.) Hop into some crispy cold water for a good cause and force all your FB friends to do the same.