When 22yo student Jan Kara and 21yo mechanic Jakub Bures found out that roughly 90% of the trash floating around on the world’s oceans is composed of plastic bottles, they wanted to send a message about this atrocity. But no, they didn’t make a damn Facebook page about it or hit up Twitter to file some complaints with the Internet police.
Nope! They built a boat! To be more specific, they built a sailboat using approximately 50,000 discared plastic bottles. Filled with dry ice to improve the bottles’ buoyancy, they connected them together to start their project.

After the bottles were connected and ready to float, they built the rest of the frame for the boat, attached a sweet rudder to it and also utilized recycled bicycle parts to forge the sailboat’s control mechanism. Thankfully Jakub is a boss mechanic! Seating on the boat was created using plastic patio chairs.

The plan was to build a boat that they could sail up the Elbe River, a major waterway in Central Europe, and they managed to achieve their goal like the bosses they truly are.

Their route is from Prague (more specifically their hometown of Nymburk) in the Czech Republic to Hamburg in Germany. An 850km (about 530 miles) adventurous journey that they’re expecting to take about two months. You still have a chance to catch them somewhere along their way! They set sail earlier this month on July 12th, 2014 and didn’t sink. Two of their best buddies came along for the ride as well.

Remember to recycle plastic bottles like a boss or Jan and Jakub will sail to your house on their plastic bottle sailboat and educate you!