Lakewood is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, where there are no school buses. Instead, schools are strategically placed so all kids are able to comfortably walk or bike to school every morning. In its entire history, this school district has never had school buses and they don’t plan to have them in the future either. The only exception are special needs children of course.

Children in Lakewood grow up walking or biking to school every morning and the way the schools are placed in the city with a population of 51,000 people makes it possible. It’s a very densely populated community (the densest community between New York City and Chicago actually), so most kids only have to walk or ride their bike for a mile at most to get to school!
And there is a huge benefit to this kind of system. Not using school buses allows the school district in Lakewood to save approximately $1,000,000 each year. That’s money that can be put toward actually educating children instead!
Imagine if your town had a school layout like this. Kids would get more daily exercise just by walking to and from school. It would be natural to them, because they’ve never known any different. Lakewood seems like a nice place to live for sure, especially if you have kids.