If you already knew all the facts that we’re about to drop on you, then you’re probably the official Trivia King. A lot of these unusual facts are unknown to the world at large, BECAUSE they are so insanely random and maybe even fairly useless knowledge.
They’ll do the trick to impress drunken friends at a bar for sure and are also very interesting when you think about them a bit sober. #4 is mind blowing and very scary. Mosquitos…
1. Nile Crocodiles are able to breathe in enough air to hold their breath for two hours underwater. That means this reptile weapon of mass destruction can wait for its prey (possibly you) underneath the surface of the water for TWO HOURS. No thanks! I’m never going to the Nile.

2. About 60% of the Earth is covered in clouds at any given moment. So, globally speaking, it’s always a fairly cloudy day.

3. Meet the Hercules Beetle, which can grow to be the size of a human hand. Nope. NOPE!

4. Approximately half of the people who have ever lived in the history of the world have died of… wait for it… MALARIA!

5. If you tickle an ape, it will laugh (and possibly bash your skull in, but that’s beside the point).

6. The largest wave ever surfed was 10 stories tall. Whoa, mondo dudebro.

7. Hearing (unless you’re deaf) is your fastest sense. With great power comes great responsibility.

8. Back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, a day was only 23 hours long. This is due to the Earth’s rotation having slowed since then.

9. Large apples can weigh about the same as a half gallon of milk!

10. There are more fake flamingos than real ones in the world.

11. In order to be able to cook an egg on a sidewalk, the pavement needs to be around 158 degrees Fahrenheit hot.

12. In a year, 54 million people living right now will be DEAD.

13. When Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest, he came in 3rd place!

14. Laugh tracks for most sitcoms were recorded in the 1950’s. That means you’re probably listening to quite a few dead people laughing on a regular basis, if you watch TV.

15. In 1889, a pizza was ordered for delivery for the first time ever.

16. Corn is grown on every continent except Antarctica.

17. Lighters were invented before matches. Mind = BLOWN! (Or should I say on fire?)

18. New Jersey has the most shopping malls.

19. The orgasm of a pig lasts 30 minutes. Don’t ask me who timed it.

20. Napoleon Bonaparte was 5’7″, which was about average for a French guy back then, so he wasn’t considered short by his peers and the term Napoleon complex makes absolutely no sense.

21. While pigs can enjoy their 30min orgasms and live to squeal about it, when bees orgasm their testicles explode and they die.

22. Viking chiefs were commonly buried with their ships.

23. Jellyfish aren’t fish.

24. Between 1pm and 2:30pm, your body’s temperature naturally drops and this is the best time during the day to take a nap as a result!