These two young gentlemen are heroes. They went the extra mile to save another person and we salute them for their selfless courage. When they saw a fellow person in need, they stepped up like true bosses.
An elderly woman had fallen off a commuter train into a waterway below and the situation wasn’t looking good for her. The currents were strong enough to start pulling her downstream. Without hesitation, the two heroes climbed a fence, scaled down the steep decline to the waterway and got to work. One of them took off his shirt for the elderly woman to grab onto and the heroes pulled her out of the water. They were smart enough not to jump into the water and get sucked downstream themselves. I’d say they’re some boss genius heroes!
The elderly woman wasn’t hurt in the ordeal and only lost her purse after her accidental fall that could’ve ended much worse, if it weren’t for these two amazing men. In true hero fashion, the two men decided to remain anonymous and will continue to lead by example in life instead of seeking praise for their accomplishments!

The two men above were up to the task of becoming heroes that day. Would you have done the same?!