Katie Liew decided to say Goodbye to her accounting career to make the world better. She wanted to help the homeless through employment, education and empowerment.

It all started when Katie was traveling through Africa and witnessed the poverty and all the homeless. She just wanted to do something, so she did. Believing that charity begins at home, she started with an idea about breaking the cycle of homelessness back in Australia.

The organization she started in 2017 is named The Underground Collaborative and wants to employ, educate and empower the homeless. Their first project is coffee carts. The idea is to employ people that are homeless or at risk of being homeless to work as paid baristas at coffee carts.

The end goal is offering long-term jobs and housing solutions to people in need.

coffee by the homeless

What a woman. A true hero without a cape

Katie hopes to expand the coffee cart program to more places and also hopes to create additional employment programs in partnership with other organizations.

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