Christina Koch just spent 328 days in Space and broke the women’s space mission record. She was also a part of the first all female spacewalk mission.

Welcome back to earth Christina. The woman who now holds the women’s space mission record is our new hero. 328 days in space is an amazing accomplishment. She recently landed in Kazakhstan and are now back with NASA in Houston, Texas.

During her time in space she completed six spacewalks, including the first all-female space walk with fellow NASA astronaut Jessica Meir. Christina also spent her time conducting experiments.

When she was up there she poetically said:

“Oh, how I miss the wind on my face, the feeling of raindrops, sand on my feet, and the sound of the surf crashing on the Galveston beach. We take daily sensory inputs for granted until they are absent. The environmental inputs on the space station consist mostly of the constant hum of the ventilation system. It stirs the air, allowing the purification system to scrub and clean our atmosphere so it’s breathable. While some places on the space station are as loud as a lawn mower, others are as quiet as the vacuum of space. I cannot wait to feel and hear Earth again.”

About what she would miss about space:

“Sleep in space has been some of the most restful I’ve ever had—no hotspots, no tossing, no turning, never too hot or too cold,” she said, according to CNN. “I just float in my body’s natural position. How will I sleep when I return to Earth?”

You rock Christina. You are a true inspiration for the new generation of female astronauts

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