Gregory Kloehn is a hero and a boss. I’m going to tell you why! His story is inspiring and uplifting beyond belief.

He’s always out and about to go dumpster diving for materials to build small one room shelters for homeless people in need of a home. His shelters are made from materials he collects, so it’s recycling taken to the highest level you can imagine. It gets less fortunate, homeless people out of the elements and inside a small shelter instead!

As an artist, Kloehn truly enjoys the challenge of building these tiny shelters out of things he finds while dumpster diving. Instead of creating art that rich people can buy and display in their homes, he creates functional art that homeless people can live in! While these homes are tiny — most of them are about the size of a sofa — the homeless people who utilize them are extremely thankful to have shelter at all.

Gregory Kloehn is changing lives like a boss. One portable (they have wheels) mini home for the homeless at a time. We salute him for his selfless work and are truly inspired by how he has managed to combine his artistic spirit and willingness to help with this amazing project to better his community.