65-year-old John McCormick suffered a heart attack while he was mowing his lawn. The firefighters in Baystown, Texas responded quickly, revived him at the scene and followed the ambulance to the hospital.
They weren’t done being heroes yet though! Knowing that Mr. McCormick had been unable to finish mowing his lawn and thinking it might cause his wife extra grief, the guys from Station 4’s A-shift of the Baytown Fire Department headed back to the house to finish the job 65yo John McCormick had started.

In a random act of kindness, they mowed his lawn and left the following note for McCormick’s wife.

Unfortunately, John McCormick passed away at the hospital. He had been dealing with heart problems for a while. RIP
Thanks to the simple task of mowing someone’s lawn, John McCormick’s wife can now mourn her husband without the constant reminder of the incident, which seeing a half-mown lawn every day certainly would’ve been.

The firefighters are definitely some boss heroes and we salute them for helping restore our faith in humanity!