8-year-old Dylan Spoering put a sign on his front lawn that he was going to have a free piano concert. A bosslike stranger decided to make it extra special for the 8yo!

Thomas Rehbein announced the event on Facebook with the permission of Dylan’s parents and it went viral. Rehbein said, “I thought 15 or 20 people would come. This is pretty wild.” Thousands showed up to listen to Dylan play the piano for an hour in the rain. Umbrellas everywhere!
There was even an intermission, a.k.a. cookie break, during the show and everyone loved it. The young musician’s concert was also streamed live on the Internet, where 10,000 more people tuned in!
Faith in humanity has once again been restored! Thomas Rehbein said, “It makes you feel really good that the world is really cool and people are really sweet, makes me feel good about my community that they would do something like this to make a little kid feel like a rock star for a half an hour.”

It’s important to boost kids’ endeavors and help them become bosses. Rehbein put it like this: “I think it’s really important to encourage kids to think big and dream big instead of just telling them, ‘Oh, your ideas are silly.'”
Keep being a boss, Dylan! You have a ton of fans to play for now! One of his new fans, Monica Rush, said, “I’m a huge fan. I’ve been following him for about a week now.”