#10.) Scorpions Tail, Wisconsin

This see-through waterslide stands at 10-stories high and runs a total of 400 ft. You ride down it by yourself at a crazy speed of 50 ft. per second. Instead of sitting, you stand on a door for a few agonizing second until the doors let loose and you fall down what feels like an elavator shaft.

#9.) Citta del Mare, Italy

Not a fast waterslide, but this one gets points for creativity. This slide goes down 3 different decks looking out over the beautiful resort, finishing by plummiting into the Medeterrarian sea. I would go down this one before any of the others.

#8.) Big Thunder, Florida

At least you don’t have to S*** your pants alone, you go down the Big thunder in a raft for 4, scaling a 45 degree drop at a comfterable speed of 20 miles per hour. You spin around the rim as you descend into what looks like the mouth of madness

#7.) Wildabeast, Indiana

You should bring some reading material, because you’re about to go on the world’s longest waterslide. You go on a raft for 4 people traversing 1/3 mile at 36 ft. per second. If you think that’s a long ride you might be suprised to learn it only lasts 2 and a half minutes!! did i mention it cost almost 6 million dollars?

#6.) Insano, Brazil

The Currently tallest waterslide in the world may be intimidating to some, but some people travel from all around the world just to go down this collossal structure, which stands at 135 ft. You go as fast as certain car speed limits of 65 miles per hour for a total of 4 and a half seconds. It almost looks like you could just come flying off it.

#5.) Leap of faith, Atlantis, Paradise island

Only in the lost city of Atlantis would you expect to find something like this, a 60 ft. tall slide that plummits down through tubes into a shark filled lagoon, with REAL sharks. The tubes are unbreakable so riders need not worry, you just need to worry about when you get to the end of the slide and you have completely ruined your swim trunks…

#4.) Tantrum Alley, Dubai

You will certainly through a Tantrum after going down this one, You descend 2 downhill slides which run through 3 funnels which lets out into a swimming pool. This is one of the few i might actually go down.

#3.) Summit Plummet, Florida

This slide looks like a kiddy ride, but it is anything but. a 12-story drop shocks you as you hit speeds of up to 60 miles per hour down a 120 ft. slope

#2.) Jumeriah Sceirah, Dubai

Just try and pronounce the name correctly. It exists as the worlds tallest waterslide outside of the U.S. Going down a 100 ft. Plummit at roughly 50 miles per hour, one might actually black out riding the 120-meter long giant, the Top even gives view to some other attractions including the Arabic sea.

#1.) Verruct, Kansas

Soon to be completed, the Verruct, which is german for “Insanity” seems like an insane decision. When it is finished it will be the Tallest and fastest in all of the U.S. Decending a nightmare triggering 17-stories at 65 miles per hour, one gets to experience a near-death thrill ride with a raft designed for 4 people. But the descent isn’t the end, after reaching the bottom the raft is shot up another 5 stories, just to make sure you are completely scared to death. I want to make a roadtrip just to ride this bad boy.