In a world where mediocrity is often accepted, this is definitely not the case in bodybuilding. Only the cream of the crop will rise to the top. It takes a combination of great genetic potential and unwavering determination to become an elite bodybuilder. (And probably massive amounts of steroids today.)
Without further ado, let’s begin our list of the Top 8 Bosses of Bodybuilding.
#8: Rich Piana

With strategically placed tattoos to accentuate his enormous muscles, Rich Piana is one of the most unique bodybuilders the world has ever seen. His honesty about steroid use in bodybuilding is both refreshing and educational.
#7: Jay Cutler

With four Mr. Olympia victories, Jay Cutler is a great choice as the 7th most notable bodybuilder of all time.
#6: Phil Heath

This list simply would not be complete without the current reigning Mr. Olympia champion. He’s huge and won the contest for the 3rd time now. Steroids or not, he would eat your children and come back to eat you because he’d still be hungry!
#5: Kai Greene tied with Kali Muscle

Both of these guys are nuts. Kai Greene may or may not have had relations with a grapefruit (read: he did) and Kali Muscle makes crazy videos on YouTube about his pre-workout drink Hyphy Mud (coke mixed with instant coffee). We wanted to reserve the #5 spot for a wild card type guy, but we couldn’t decide which of these two to pick. Maybe you have an opinion?!
#4: Steve Reeves

Considered by many as the most aesthetic bodybuilder of all time, Steve Reeves was also Europe’s highest-paid actor at one point in his career.
#3: Ronnie Coleman


A monster among men. While being ridiculously enormous, he still remained strong even for his size. Squatting and deadlifting over 800lbs are marks most strength athletes never accomplish, regardless of body weight. Top that off with eight, yes eight, Mr. Olympia titles and you have yourself the most solid #3 you could hope for on this list.
#2: Franco Columbu

Arnold’s training partner, who stands at a mere 5’4″ and yet somehow still managed to win Mr. Olympia and deadlift 750lbs (at a bodyweight of approximately 185lbs). He also squatted 665lbs and bench pressed 525lbs. Feats of strength that are very rarely seen by bodybuilders (or even powerlifters) that weigh 300lbs+.
#1: Arnold Schwarzenegger

He needs no introduction. The Terminator. Truly larger than life itself with an endless list of accomplishments including being governor of California and owning a tank, there is no one who will ever challenge Arnold on top of this list. You could even argue that he could top this list simply with his physique, while ignoring all the other factors that place him firmly above all others. Neah!
And with that, we wrap up our list of the top eight bodybuilders of all time.