10. The Rising Sun – $200 Million

This extravagant mega yacht is owned by film mogul David Geffen. It is equipped with 82 rooms, a basketball court and numerous other amenities. You don’t have to be an Eagles fan to know that this is the house of the rising sun or “Floating Mansion” as they call it.

9. Seven Seas – $200 Million

This Yacht was constructed by the Dutch Shipyard Oceano and was constructed to meet Director and film maker Steven Spielberg’s specifications and tastes. It has a helipad, fully equuipped gym, and private deck for Spielberg so sail the seven seas in search for JAWS!

8. Lady Moura – $210 Million

A Saudi multi-billionare by the name of Nasser Al-Rashid owns this gigantic mega yacht. Little is known about this gigantic boat but that the name its self is written in 24-karat gold so you could only imaging what it would be like on the inside.

7. Al Mirqab – $250 Million

Owned by the Prime Minister of Quatar, Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani (quite the toung twister if you ask me). This yacht has ten amazing suites which can hold up to 24 guests. This yacht has its own pool, sun deck, and helipad.

6. Dilbar – $263 Million

Constructed in 2008 by a Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov. Being one of the largest yachts in the world the Dilbar is a floating island on its own.

5. Al Said – $300 Million

Once claimed as the second largest yacht in the wold it can accomodate a crew of 154 and up to 70 guests. One remarkable thing about this super boat is that the superstructure is made out of reinforced aluminum makeing it agile on the high seas.

4. A – $323 Million

Kind of a wierd name for a yacht but what would you expect from a Russian owner, Billionare Andrei Melinchenko. “A” gets its design from from stealth warships and submarines it cuts through the water like slicing molten butter.

3. Dubai – $350 Million

Originally named Platinum 525 by a prince of  Brunei when construction was still in order. Due to lack of funds the project was put to a halt leavng the newly crowned prince of Dubai to take over the Yacht project completing it in 2006.

2. Azzam $660 Million

This Super Mega Yacht is the largest private yacht ever built spanning out 590ft is nothing to f*** with. It is rumored to be owned by the Saudi royal family but has not been officially stated.

1. Eclipse $ 1.2 Billion

The eclipse is the epitome of mega yachts with a crew of 70 and can accomodate plenty with the 24 guest rooms available. This also comes with 2 helipads and a submarine. It even has a futuristic defense systen with numerous lasers through the ship.