Art comes in too many forms to count and is often mindblowingly beautiful. These masterpieces chiseled into tree stumps are no different. The incredible detail on the artwork is, in a word, BOSSLIKE.
The Fight
We’re not quite sure what these mythical creatures are, but the detail on them is impeccable!

Native American Leaning Against Tree
This Native American is carved into the side of a tree like a boss. It looks like he’s leaning against it!

This curled up dragon will spit fire into your brain with its detail.

Wooden Octopus
How it was even possible to carve an octopus into a tree stump so beautifully is mindblowing.

Native American with Bear Helmet and Wolf

Tower Carved Into Wood
This could be the tower Rapunzel hangs her hair down from. It’s magnificent.

Flying Duck
This duck is taking off and flying away. It looks like the artist is putting on the finishing touches with some paint.

Wooden Pirate
This will scare the crap out of some kids for sure, especially at night!

Animals in a Tree
A variety of animals climbing and perching in a tree. We’ve got bears and birds and raccoons. Squirrels too! All carved into tree stumps! Brilliant artwork!

Wooden Arcade Game
You won’t beat any bosses in this game because it’s just a block of wood, but the artwork certainly is bosslike.

Rock Out
This dude must love heavy metal!

Dragons and Towers
Apparently this is a popular theme with wood carving. Maybe because it’s freakin’ bosslike?!

Hand-Carved Banister
This is a great way to truly incorporate nature into your staircase in a stunning way!

Faces Carved Into Tree Stumps
We can’t really tell if they’re dwarves, tree spirit elves or whatever, so we’ll just post them all here. Gnome sayin’?!

That’s it! That’s all we have. Please be a boss and share this post with everyone you know. We want them to see this gorgeous tree stump artwork.