Students at Indiana Wesleyan University were at the weekly chapel service at their school, when something amazing happened. Keith Newman, the university’s CEO of Residential Education, was speaking to the students about his main focus of the week: The idea that you should “do for one what you wish you could do for everyone“.
To give the students in attendance a real life example, he placed an order for two pizzas from Domino’s to be delivered. Then he passed around a collection basket and asked the students to write thank you notes for the delivery man. The money collected and the thank you notes would go to the lucky delivery guy that day.
Deliveryman James Gilpin arrived at the chapel to deliver the pizzas, when he was met with a terrific surprise. They asked him to come on stage, where he was handed $1,200 in tips that were collected, along with a piece of cake and thousands of thank you notes! It was an uplifting moment.
Needless to say, he was blown away. The delivery guy couldn’t believe the random act of kindness and was more than thankful. He will be using the money to buy his children Christmas gifts!