A Turkish company named Pugedon has created a genius vending machine that dispenses dog food and water for stray dogs. It’s funded by recycled plastic bottles! People toss in their empty plastic bottles and the machine drops a certain amount of dog food and water for stray dogs. The costs for the Smart Recycling Boxes are covered by the recycled plastic bottles and there are no costs for the city.

This invention is incredible and extremely helpful in a city like Istanbul, Turkey, where more than 150,000 stray dogs and cats currently live! Not all of them end up getting adopted, so let’s at least feed these poor animals by depositing some empty plastic bottles you’d likely throw away and not recycle at all otherwise.

We love animals and think these machines are terrific! They should be all over the place, especially in areas with lots of stray animals! It combines a desire to give these stray animals food they need to survive and also a need to get more people into the habit of recycling like a boss.