Shaina Brown, who works nights waitressing at Waffle House in Raleigh, North Carolina, was given a generous tip of $1,000 by one of the bosslike people she waits on. Ms. Brown told the story of the generous tipper, “He said, ‘I’m going to bless you today.’ He was just trying to show that there are still good people out there.”
But then Waffle House denied her the tip, because it’s their policy to refund substantial tip amounts made with credit cards in case the costumer wants to dispute it. So Ms. Brown didn’t receive her tip and the customer had already left, when she found out she can only take substantial tips like that via cash or check.

She was in a tough spot to say the least, immediately after thinking things were about to start looking up for her! She said, “A lot of servers wait for that day when you get a tip like that, and when I didn’t get it, it was very humiliating and heartbreaking.”
Shaina is a single mother of three young children, works two jobs (one at Waffle House), and had a transmission problem with her car. The $1,000 tip would be huge for any waitress, but in Shaina’s specific case it could have positively affected her mode of transportation to get to work! She is also taking classes to become an English teacher.

Luckily for Shaina, she was able to get the local news to cover her story and a reporter managed to track down the costumer, who left the waitress that amazing $1,000 tip. The bosslike gentleman had been out of town and didn’t know Shaina didn’t receive the tip he wanted to give her, so he promptly came into Waffle House and wrote her a check for $1,000 like a boss.

This story had a happy ending thanks to the generosity of the bosslike tipper. You, sir, are a boss!
Remember, if you ever want to leave a $1k+ tip at Waffle House, you better do it in cash or check, otherwise they’ll screw over your nice waitress!