While attending his high school graduation, Zack Ruediger, noticed people were donating money to the principal for a good cause. Naturally, being the kindhearted boss Zack is, he decided to donate for the cause as well, not even knowing what it was for!

He later came to find out that the money was actually for him. His classmate Jamie Gleeson said, “That’s just like Zack, he’s really sweet and nice.” You see, Zack lost his mother in 2012 and his father died right before his high school graduation. Throughout all this, he has remained an extremely helpful and friendly part of the student body.

The students of his graduating class all like Zack, so they wanted to do something nice for him in his time of need, especially with this happening right before their high school graduation. An event most people want to share with their parents and cherish memories of in the future.
All 68 students of the graduating class at Hermann High School donated money for Zack, which resulted in a donation of more than $800. On top of that, Zack’s employer donated $500. Zack planned to use the money to help pay for his father’s funeral.

This is a heartwarming story to say the least. We love what these high school kids did for their classmate and hope it inspires others to help people in need as well. We also want to extend our sincerest condolences to Zack and his family. Please continue being a boss and we hope the good things outweigh the bad for you in the future!