Wang Yu and Li Lintao are two Chinese engineers with an undying love for cars, especially luxury sports cars. Their favorite is the Lamborghini Diablo, but they didn’t just want to buy one. Nope! They decided to build an exact replica themselves by hand.
The cost for this project was approximately $228k and allowed them to live the dream of constructing their own luxury sports car. The Lamborghini Diablo replica they built is road-worthy and you can see the steps they took to create this Lambo masterpiece in the images below. It took them four years!
They started with the raw materials in their garage.

Then they had to prepare the designs.

Now it was time to construct the car’s frame!

Check out that boss engine.

Precision is extremely important when you’re building a luxury sports car.

And then it started to really look like a Lambo!

What a sweet paint job! It was pretty much ready to hit the road at this point.

Finally, the handmade Lamborghini Diablo replica was ready for a test drive.

The two genius engineers eventually want to start their own car company. I think they should, how about you?!