Prepare yourself, because we’re about to annihilate your brain matter with these batshit crazy sports that only a true lunatic would even consider playing. We couldn’t believe what we found, when we began researching this topic! You won’t either.
1. The Eton Wall Game

At Eton College in England, there is a brick wall that was built in 1717. Next to it, there is a strip of ground that’s 5 meters (approximately 5.5 yards for Ameribrahs) wide and 110 meters (approximately 120 yards) long.
Against this wall, the Collegers (King’s Scholars) battle the Oppidans (rest of the school) in a game that somewhat resembles rugby. Basically the two teams pile up against the wall and try to move the ball to opposite ends of the wall.
If you end up being one of the unlucky players closest to the wall (read: right up against the damn wall), enjoy feeling like you’re being crushed to death while you’re slowly dragged along the brick wall.
The last goal was scored in… wait for it… 1909!
2. Wife Carrying

Made popular in Finland, this sport is exactly what it sounds like. A male competitor carries his wife (or some random female he picked up… LITERALLY) through a crazy obstacle course (two dry obstacles, one wet).
The prize for the winner? The wife’s weight in beer!
3. Hurling

This is a sport of Gaelic and Irish origin from ancient times. It’s like a combination of field hockey and lacrosse. It’s also considered to be the fastest field sport.
The battle field (you can’t call it a playing field in this sport) is 130–145 meters (140–160 yards) long and 80–90 meters (90–100 yards) wide. On this field, they run around with a ball that is comprised of a cork center covered in leather, which they hurl at high speeds using a stick. The stick is called a hurley and is essentially a paddle made for hurling the ball.
You catch the ball with one hand and then clap it as hard as you can with your paddle stick to catapult it into the goal (hopefully) of your opponents. I bet it feels GREAT getting hit by one of those balls going full speed, considering it’s the fastest field sport that exists. No thanks, Jeff.
4. Hill Cheese Rolling

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake is another sport from England. After climbing a steep hill, 20 people chase a wheel of cheese down the hill. In theory, the winner is whoever catches the cheese, but in reality the cheese reaches up to 70 mph so not even Usain Bolt could catch it. (And there is no true winner in a sport this demented.)
So, the actual winner is whoever makes it to the finish line first. We’re not sure if they have to make it there alive though. Each time this event, or I guess we can call it a sport, happens there are several injuries that require hospitalization.
5. Buzkashi

Played in Central Asia, this one might be the craziest of them all! Riding around on horseback and knocking each other around, the players try to toss a dead goat over a goal line or into a tub to score points. We’re not sure you need further clarification as to why this made our list or why it’s completely insane for that matter.
6. Jai-Alai

If you watched Jackass religiously like we used to, you’re probably aware what this one is about. It involves hurling a ball that’s about as hard as a rock against a wall at speeds of up to 180 mph! After it bounces back from the wall at high speeds, your opponent gets to catch the ball and repeat the process. It’s pretty much like squash for complete maniacs.
7. Chess Boxing

A game of chess is played inside a boxing ring. Oh… and the chess is interrupted by boxing rounds. 4mins of chess alternated with 4mins of boxing. You can win by knockout or checkmate! Good luck making smart chess moves after getting your skull bashed in for 4 minutes!
8. Kabaddi

A combination of wrestling and tag, in this sport one team sends a raider to tag members of the other team. The raider must continuously chant “Kabaddi” and is not allowed to breathe. Every opponent tagged by the raider is out! If the raider is wrestled to the ground and held there until he is forced to draw breath, he’s out of there. If this sport sounds interesting to you, you need to re-evaluate your life choices.
9. Royal Shrovetide Football

This game has one rule: No murder. Other than that, anything goes. The entire village participates (people from north of the town’s river versus people from south of the town’s river) and this game is simply a street brawl with a soccer ball in play. (The ball is actually slightly larger than a soccer ball and filled with cork so it can float in the river.)
To score, you have to tap the ball three times in the area of the goal. The goals are 3 miles apart.
10. Underwater Hockey

Hockey played at the bottom of a pool. Good luck with your drowning goals of 2014!
And that’s that! The craziest 10 sports you probably won’t ever want to play unless you belong in a psychiatric ward. We still think Buzkashi is the most demented sport of them all!