The World Cup Final is here and will be played today. At 4pm local time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Germany will face Argentina for the most desired trophy in soccer.

It’s a Pope vs ex-Pope match! For the first time ever, each country in the World Cup final has a living Pope on their side!

How the two teams got to the final were much different paths. Argentina narrowly beat most of its opponents with some almost artistic highlights from Messi setting up and scoring goals. Their defense is seemingly invincible. Their semi-final match against the Netherlands went into extra time and a penalty shootout. Obviously, they emerged victorious and they have their goalkeeper to thank. He held two penalty kicks!
Germany started the tournament strong and then had some bumps in the road to get to the semi-final, which was an utter 7-1 destruction of Brazil’s national team. (Brazil was also further annihilated 3-0 by the Netherlands last night.) Germany will be the first team to ever play in eight World Cup finals, but they have ‘only’ won it three times. If they win this World Cup, they will be the first European team to hoist the trophy in a South American country. Each of the four World Cups held in South American countries was won by a South American country.
Thomas Müller looks ready. He won the golden boot at the 2010 World Cup with five goals and has already scored five goals in this World Cup so far. James Rodriguez of Colombia has scored six and is the current leader. Müller would have to score two goals in the final to overtake him and become the only player in history to win the golden boot twice!

Lionel Messi is ready. Considered to be the greatest soccer player of his generation, he will look to emulate the legendary Argentinian player Diego Maradona, who led Argentina to its last World Cup victory 28 years ago.

Klose already holds the record for most goals in World Cup history, but he wants more!

Now the two teams will face each other for the Copa. Argentina has won the World Cup twice and could draw even with Germany on the list of most wins. With three World Cups already won, Germany could win a 4th today and join Italy on the list. Regardless of the outcome today, Brazil will continue to be on top with 5 World Cups won.
Hopefully this kid is at today’s match. He is intense!

The match likely won’t compare to the excitement and disappointment (by Brazilian fans) felt during and after the Germany vs Brazil semi-final match, which swept across the Internet like a hurricane. It should, however, still be a great game and the ultimate prize for any soccer player is the World Cup.
German supermarket Rewe’s take on the World Cup final. Argentinian steak versus potato salad.

The German girl that got the World Cup replica trophy from Brazil’s Gaucho hung out with him for good luck! (More info about the Gaucho here.)

Good luck to both teams! Each would be very deserving of a victory.