Today, we’re counting down the top 25 highest paid NFL players this season. Pre-season already kicked off with the Hall of Fame game on Sunday, so we’re definitely getting that football season feeling! For the laughs, scroll to #1 immediately.
#25: Charles Johnson – Defensive End for the Carolina Panthers – $12.66 Million
An important part of the Panties’ 2nd-ranked defense last season with 12.5 sacks and a forced fumble, #95 has firmly established himself as a top defensive end in the league over the last few years. He raked in $34 million in 2011, when he was the highest paid player in the NFL.

#24: Ndamukong Suh – Defensive End for the Detroit Lions – $12.7 Million
Suh, Suh, Suh! Less impressive and violent in the last three seasons than his first, he will have to prove his worth this season with the Lions under new leadership.

#23: Sam Bradford – Quarterback for the St. Louis Rams – $13 Million
He only played 7 games last season before tearing his ACL. We’ll see how well he does this season!

#22: Greg Hardy – Defensive End for the Carolina Panthers – $13.1 Million
Another member of the Panthers’ brutal defense, he might just be worth it with 15 sacks last season!

#21: Clay Matthews – Linebacker for the Green Bay Packers – $13.2 Million
The Claymaker needs no introduction. If he can stay on the field without getting injured, this relentless beast is easily worth the $$$.

#20: Joe Haden – Cornerback for the Cleveland Browns – $13.5 Million
An excellent cornerback, he certainly helped the Browns stay in the top 10 for a few important defensive stats last season.

#19: Philip Rivers – Quarterback for the San Diego Chargers – $13.6 Million
Unless you’re a Chargers fan, you probably think he’s a crybaby. A very rich crybaby. Based on his stats, last season was one of his best and we’re sure he will continue to perform well for his team, while whining a lot.

#18: Adrian Peterson – Running Back for the Minnesota Vikings – $13.7 Million
All Day is the best running back in the game today. If anything, he deserves to be higher up on the list for the way he has been carrying his offense for years.

#17: Richard Sherman – Cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks – $14 Million
The trash-talking Super Bowl Champion and vital part of the most dominant defense we’ve seen in the NFL in years might actually be underpaid.

#16: Patrick Peterson – Cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals – $14 Million ($9,800 More Than Sherman)
Another good defensive back, but one could easily argue that Sherman should be higher than him on the list. They’re almost even though.

#15: Tom Brady – Quarterback for the New England Patriots – $14.1 Million
Probably the most dominant QB of all time in the NFL and a very unselfish player at the position. We actually expected him in the top 5 of this list.

#14: Andy Dalton – Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals – $16 Million
He had his best season so far in 2013. We’ll see what he can do this season. His hair definitely matches the uniform, so he probably wants to remain a Bengal.

#13: Mario Williams – Defensive End for the Buffalo Bills – $16 Million
He’s even with Andy Dalton, but he could rip Dalton in half so it’s safer to rank him higher for the sake of the QB’s safety. 13 sacks last season says he’s probably worth the money.

#12: Larry Fitzgerald – Wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals – $16.1 Million
Now give this man a good QB so he can put up 1,400 yards receiving again like a boss!

#11: Calvin Johnson – Wide Receiver for the Detroit Lions – $16.2 Million
Easily the best receiver in the game right now and probably the most talented athlete overall in the NFL. He could potentially end up being the GOAT at the wide receiver position when it’s all over. He should be in the top 10 of this list.

#10: Eli Manning – Quarterback for the New York Giants – $16.25 Million
27 interceptions last year say Eli better step up his game this season, if he wants to keep getting paid like this!

#9: Matthew Stafford – Quarterback for the Detroit Lions – $17.7 Million
He should be giving some of that cash to Megatron.

#8: Tony Romo – Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys – $18 Million

#7: Jay Cutler – Quarterback for the Chicago Bears – $18.1 Million
He might have a horrible case of DIABEETUS, but Cutler can slang that pigskin for sure and his receiving corps looks pretty damn solid this season.

#6: Peyton Manning – Quarterback for the Denver Broncos – $19.2 Million
Shouldn’t the Sheriff also be getting the offensive coordinator’s salary? The GOAT at the QB position and #1 player in the NFL should at least be in the top 3 of this list…

#5: Drew Brees – Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints – $20 Million
I can’t say I’m a fan of the Aints, but he deserves this as a player.

#4: Joe Flacco – Quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens – $20.1 Million
It might be time to throw more touchdowns than interceptions again this season, Joe Cool. Good luck with your getting paid goals of 2015.

#3: Matt Ryan – Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons – $20.8 Million
Matty Ice certainly has the talent to be a great QB. Hopefully he can help his team win more this season.

#2: Colin Kaepernick – Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers – $21 Million
I guess he can buy some more sneakers then.

#1: Aaron Rodgers – Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers – $22 Million
It’s well-established that Rodgers is a great QB and he’s also awesome at photobombing. We’re not sure which quality means he should be getting paid $22 million per year, but does it really matter?!

Who do you think is worth their salary? Who will disappoint for their team and who will prove that they are worth every penny this season?
The list is based on the average salary for the player in 2014 and this information was gathered from Spotrac.