We are #AndreasBakkerud – Ep. 1: “The Driver”
Episode one is named “The Driver” and brings you closer to the main man. Andreas Bakkerud was born in the city of Bergen in 1991 and is today a world class rallycrossdriver for Ford Olsbergs MSE. He started go-karting at age 9 and has since been competing at the top-level in several different motorsport categories, both nationally and internationally.
In this introduction episode you’ll learn who his original idol was, and also who inspired him to start racing. Managing director of IMG / FIA WorldRX, Martin Anayi tells you about the differences between rally and rallycross – and also why Andreas is so important to this sport.
“-With this web series, I finally have the opportunity to give something back to a few of those who have contributed to get me here. I’m eternally grateful to all of them!” (Andreas Bakkerud).
Episodes, “We are #AndreasBakkerud”:
Ep. 1: “The Driver” – Meet Andreas Bakkerud himself.
Ep. 2: “The Team” – Meet Bakkerud’s team.
Ep. 3: “The Fans” – Meet Bakkerud’s fans.
Ep. 4: “The Family” – Meet Bakkerud’s family.
Ep. 5: “The Partners” – Meet Bakkerud’s sponsors.
Ep. 6: “The Future” – “Where do we go from here?”