In the third episode we get to meet the famous #BakkerudBLUE fans. Andreas and his die-hard supporters are well known at rallycross tracks all across Europe for their extreme enthusiasm and endless commitment. As well as providing loud, loving support from the stands, the #BakkerudBLUE fans have also contributed financially to complete the overall season budget.
“This season alone we’ve had over 700 of our own fans travel to see races, we’ve traded tour-packages for over €110.000 and we’ve also sold almost 1,500 merchandise items” says manager Jan Tore Brustad.
“I really appreciate the commitment and enthusiasm the fans show. I’m a person who gets a lot of energy by having positive people around me” says Andreas Bakkerud.
Episodes, “We are #AndreasBakkerud”:
Ep. 1: “The Driver” – Meet Andreas Bakkerud himself.
Ep. 2: “The Team” – Meet Bakkerud’s team.
Ep. 3: “The Fans” – Meet Bakkerud’s fans.
Ep. 4: “The Family” – Meet Bakkerud’s family.
Ep. 5: “The Partners” – Meet Bakkerud’s sponsors.
Ep. 6: “The Future” – “Where do we go from here?”