Minor League baseball player Sean Smith of the York Revolution hit a home run in Game 3 of the independent Atlantic League playoff series. No big deal, except he tied the game with his home run and then blew out his right ACL as he rounded first base. For those unaware, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) basically helps to stabilize the knee. When you tear it, your leg becomes useless, as did Sean Smith’s. At this point, most people would either lay there and wait for medical attention or possibly allow their teammates to carry them. When a baseball player tears his ACL, he’s usually out of the game quickly.
Not Sean Smith. He refused any help and proceeded to round the rest of the bases on one leg. Hobbling in enormous pain on his remaining leg, his willingness to take what he earned in the game with his home run is spectacularly inspirational and boss beyond words. I’m shocked and impressed by his determination never to quit no matter what. More people should be like Sean Smith. Thanks to his unbreakable spirit, his team won the game!