Going down a water slide can be a great and thrilling experience, especially if you happen to be sliding down one of the following! Seriously, check out these bosslike water slides and tell us that isn’t something you want to do this summer!
Insano in Brazil
The drop on this thing is damn near vertical. It’s currently the highest water slide in the world at 135 feet, the equivalent of a 14-story building! When you go down this epic water slide, you’ll accelerate up to 65mph and it will take you about 4 seconds to go down the slide. If you happen to be in Brazil for the World Cup, you should go find this epic water slide!

Città del Mare in Italy
These slides are so bosslike, they shoot you into the Mediterranean Sea! That’s it! We’re packing our bags.

King Cobra at Six Flags in New Jersey, USA
After an amazing tube-racing journey through this snake of a water slide, you’ll hit 25-foot drop at a 50° angle. Are you ready to face King Cobra?! Unfortunately, you’ll have to go to New Jersey first…

Leap of Faith at Atlantis on Paradise Island, Bahamas
Atlantis has numerous water slides in its arsenal of family fun, but the Leap of Faith is the craziest one with its 60-foot drop that is almost vertical followed by a speedy trip through a clear acrylic tunnel in a lagoon surrounded by sharks! Yes… sharks!

L2 in Austria
The L2 is the first water slide in the world with two loops. Now Austria has finally given us something other than just badass Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Big Thunder in West Palm Beach, Florida
At the Rapids Waterpark, you can go down this slide with a twist! You sit in a raft and go down a massive funnel. Very cool!

Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai
It seems Dubai makes every list of bosslike attractions and this one is no different! This tandem slide is crazy, because you sit on a platform waiting for the floor to disappear underneath you, after which you are thrown down the 340-foot long water slide at speeds of up to 50mph!

While there are many more crazy water slides in the world providing people with excitement, the ones above are our bosslike favorites! If you ever get the chance, definitely try them like a boss. Enjoy your summer!