Yesterday, Germany’s national soccer team completely annihilated the Brazilian team on their home turf in a 7-1 slaughter. By halftime, many Brazilian fans had been shown crying as the score quickly ran up to 5-0.
Hailed as the “Saddest Fan” in Brazil, Clovis Fernandes (also known as Gaucho da Copa) is the ultimate soccer superfan. He is considered Brazil’s 12th player and he always carries around his World Cup replica. The video below you’ve probably already seen, but it’s how he looked yesterday and why people call him the “Saddest Fan”.

What you probably don’t know is that while he was sad about his team losing in such a manner, when they were so close to yet another World Cup final, the Gaucho showed exceptional sportsmanship in what you can see in the following image.
During a moment of extreme distress for such a dedicated soccer fan, Clovis Fernandes remained friendly and giving. He handed his beloved replica of the World Cup to a German fan and told her, “Take it to the final. As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it. Congratulations!”
So instead of calling him the saddest fan, how about we call the gaucho what he really is? A boss! Below are some more pictures of Clovis Fernandes along with a video about him.