While many soccer fans would probably walk 1,200 miles to the World Cup in Brazil to attend a game, these four guys did it for a different reason. They wanted to raise money for charity.

To raise $30,000 for a water well in a part of Brasil called Bahia, where there is a severe drought which has left a million cattle and too many crops to count dead, they decided to walk through three countries and a total of over 1,200 miles! Their charity walk will help millions of people like a boss!
Their bosslike walk began in Mendoza, Argentina and ended in Porto Alegre, Brazil. They walked through Uruguay on their way. The four men – Adam Burns, Dave Bewick, Pete Johnston and Ben Olsen – completed the long journey in slightly under 100 days and made it to Brazil in time for some World Cup fun!

Along the way, they were also joined by an awesome dog they called Jefferson. He walked with them for 500 miles, before he was re-united with his owner.

If you’d like to donate to their charity, you can do so here. When we checked, they had raised 78% of their goal amount!
These four good samaritans are true bosses and we hope they inspire others to do similar things for charitable causes.