So these college kids from France just blew our minds with their latest invention: A car called the Microjoule, which gets 9,400 miles per gallon (that’s 3,300 kilometers per liter of fuel for the non-Americans), and weighs 77lbs (35kg).

Let’s throw some random math at you at this juncture:
– Driving a distance of 200 miles would cost you about 20 cents! (Cents, NOT dollars.)
– In theory (because it’s actually impossible to do), it would cost $26 to drive around the entire world in this thing. What?!

Here is the run down on some of the specs for this bad mofo, courtesy of one of the students: “The car has an internal combustion engine and runs on ordinary fuel. It weighs 35 kg and is made entirely of carbon fiber. It offers very low rolling resistance and air resistance, and a very, very low drag coefficient. For example, when you spin the wheels, they will turn for several miles without ever stopping.”
While the car is a little ridiculous to drive, because it only seats one person and you have to lay down to drive it, who cares? You’re getting 9,400 miles per gallon! Talk about some bosslike fuel efficiency. It can run on regular gasoline (petrol for the English chaps) or ethanol and looks like a badass water droplet.

These French college students really know what they’re doing. We think they might be geniuses, but we can’t prove it because we’re not as smart as them!