Mario Götze scored the winning goal at the World Cup final in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With this, he propelled the German team to their 4th World Cup title like a boss. He also won ‘Man of the Match’.

But then he started waving around some other guy’s jersey as he celebrated the victory with the rest of the German team. Who did the mystery jersey belong to?! The answer to that question is beyond bosslike.

It was Marco Reus’ jersey. Mario’s long-time best friend, his former teammate at Borussia Dortmund and also his current teammate on Germany’s national soccer team. Reus was injured and unable to take part in the World Cup, but Mario still thought of him after scoring his incredible goal to win the World Cup.

Mario Götze is a boss on the soccer field and a great best friend off the field. Their friendship easily qualifies as a bromance, but they aren’t gay. (Not that there’d be anything wrong with that.) They both have beautiful girlfriends. You ‘mirin’?!

Did we mention they’re world champions?