Featured on this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, a show about NFL training camps, are the Atlanta Falcons. They didn’t have a great season last year, but they seem to be getting back on the right track so far this pre-season. Time will tell how they do this regular season and, hopefully for them, the post-season!

While Atlanta Falcons fans will be extremely interested in the recent development of the Falcons’ future home that will cost about $1 billion, these concept images of the new Atlanta Falcons stadium will blow any football fan’s mind! They recently broke ground on building this amazing new dome stadium for their team and it will be ready to use by the 2017 NFL season!

The building has a roof made out of eight retractable panels. It can be partially or completely closed and the circular opening at the top, which also acts like a jumbotron of sorts, was actually inspired by the Roman Pantheon. While the primary function of the stadium will be to host football games of the Atlanta Falcons, it is also a very versatile dome stadium that utilizes new technology which allows it to change its color scheme.

It’s feasible that soccer games (potentially for a FIFA World Cup bid), basketball games, concerts and other events can be held here. For soccer matches in particular, the bottom bowl seating can be retracted to make room for the wider pitch. The stadium is also able to let in varying amounts of light to change its opacity. I.e. it can completely shut itself and not let in any light for events like concerts. That is simply boss!

With it being about as tall as the Statue of Liberty, the new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons will be huge! It’s very unique and we’re sure the Falcons and their fans are beyond excited to have a new stadium in 2017. The Georgia Dome lease will be up soon and, for a while, it was uncertain whether or not the Atlanta Falcons would continue to play in Downtown Atlanta. With this new stadium located right next to the Georgia Dome, it’s safe to say the Atlanta Falcons will be in Downtown Atlanta for years to come!