Natural disasters can be quite catastrophic and deadly, but these extreme athletes just use them to make their intense action sports even wilder! Mother Nature isn’t always willing to give you great conditions, so just work with what you get and hope for the best. (Or stay safe.) #3 looks completely insane!
1. Blizzard Surfing
These guys don’t settle for just any kind of wave. It has to be frosty cold and during a BLIZZARD! These severe weather conditions create blistering cold waves that are unmatched during any other time. It’s the best extreme-cold surf of the season!

2. Flood Surfing
Surfing, stand up paddleboarding and wakeboarding are all fair game when a flood hits your town.

3. Volcanic Kayaking
It’s simple: Find a place where a volcano is erupting that has some water right next to it and you can go kayaking in the most extreme conditions. Will you die doing this? Maybe. It’s never a good idea to get that close to lava!

4. Earthquake Skateboarding
This one has been around for decades. Skaters using destroyed, post-earthquake pavement to perform boss skateboard tricks. The 6.0 earthquake that recently hammered Napa, CA gave many skateboarders there an opportunity to take their skating to the next level!

5. Earthquake BMX
BMX bikers take advantage of the earthquake pavement as well!

6. Blizzard Snowboarding
This is like a combination of wakeboarding and snowboarding after a blizzard hits. It looks like a ton of fun actually! I’d probably be willing to do this one.

7. Hurricane Surfing
A hurricane is about to hit. What do you do? You evacuate, right?! Nope. These dudes go out there and surf the massive waves because only the most extreme adrenaline rush will do. The swell during a hurricane is legendary, but can also be very deadly.

9. Flood Kayaking
This isn’t as extreme as the others, but can be a really great way to get around during a flood!

10. Typhoon / Hurricane / Tsunami Wind Surfing
The Red Bull Storm Watch tracks the craziest storms the world has to offer and then holds windsurfing contests in these extreme weather conditions. You have to be completely fearless to participate.

Is your mind blown? Would you be willing to try any of these extreme natural disaster action sports?!