Who wouldn’t want to have a sleepover at a Major League Baseball stadium? If you’re a fan of America’s favorite pastime, then you’d love this event the New York Mets made available.

For $175/person, you get free reign over the entire stadium for a night. You can set up tents or just bring a sleeping bag to spend the night on an MLB field like a boss. Have you always wanted to be featured on the Jumbotron? It’s probably going to happen for you at this event, because only 500 total tickets are sold.

Did we mention the food? Yeah, you get unlimited baseball snacks at this amazing sleepover. Wanna have a hot dog eating contest? No problem, but save some room for the unlimited pretzels, ice cream, pizza, donuts and popcorn too. Don’t think you can cram any more down your gullet? Try washing it down with a delicious soft drink of your choosing!

Before you pass out into a legendary, baseball-snack-induced food coma, make sure you get some play time in and snap a dugout selfie or 20 like a boss!