This past Sunday, the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals took on the Washington Redskins on the Cardinals’ home turf in Glendale, Arizona. While the game was high-scoring and exciting, something completely different stole the show. It didn’t even involve anyone in football gear!
Claire Thornton is an NFL cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals and also a first grade teacher. She was proudly cheering on the home team, when something unexpected happened. Before the start of the second quarter, her boyfriend Erick Straub, who is a Captain in the United States Air Force, marched onto the field and interrupted her dance routine.
Usually, a dedicated NFL cheerleader like Thornton might mind this, but Straub was interrupting her dancing for a very good reason. He wanted to propose to the woman he loves. Long story short: She said yes. They were both delighted and will live happily ever after.
After the proposal, she finished cheering for the Cardinals and they beat the Redskins 30-20 at home. A perfect day, if you’re a Cardinals fan! And still pretty good, if you just enjoy seeing people happy. The best day of your life, if you’re Erick Straub, who had just proposed to an NFL cheerleader and she said yes!