Do you play fantasy football? Are you ready to hoist that league trophy at the end of the season? I bet you are, so let’s check out these incredible Android and iPhone apps that will help you accomplish that immense feat.
You’ll feel like Peyton Manning when he broke the TD record last season or maybe even the Seattle Seahawks defense after they arrived with violence at the Super Bowl and took home that Vince Lombardi Trophy to the loudest fans in the NFL!
Let’s be honest, do you really have time to research every player you may want to add or drop? No, of course not! That would be a full time job that some people actually have. That’s right! Someone’s job is to do all that work for you and then make that valuable information available to you via… yes, one of these amazing fantasy football apps. Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2014 – Available for iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire at – FREE

This one is the official cheat sheet from the NFL for fantasy football. Provided by the National Football League, you know this one is awesome and will have you kicking butt in your league. You get up-to-the-minute player updates, injury reports and much more. Because this app is also free, it’s really a no-brainer!
CBS Sports’ Fantasy Sports Mobile – Available for iOS and Android – FREE

This one can be used to play fantasy football and also fantasy baseball on various web sites. CBS has fantasy experts working hard for you to give you player news and rankings, as well as projections. With all that info at the tip of your fingers, it’s going to be hard to lose!
Bleacher Report’s Team Stream – Available for iOS and Android – FREE

It’s not a fantasy-specific app, but this one is incredibly fast with player updates. Utilizing Twitter for news reports about roster updates, injuries, and free agent signings, it might be the fastest app to stay informed at warp speed!
Bleacher Report gets its news from a ton of sources like local newspapers, numerous blogs, and of course national web sites. You’ll get every update you could possibly need in a timely manner!
ESPN Fantasy Football Manager 2014 – Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone – FREE

This one can function as a primary fantasy league provider app, but it also provides expert analysis, player updates, and even point projections! You can customize your app settings to get your smartphone to notify you of injuries, player substitutions, and even scoring. Yup, it offers live scoring as well! All those stats are accompanied by relevant news stories, for which you’ve always loved ESPN!
DowncastiOS – $3

This one isn’t all about fantasy football, but listening to various NFL and fantasy football podcasts can only help you out with important fantasy team decisions! It’s one great way to get the news you need to kill it like a boss in fantasy football this season.
Football Guys Mobile – Available on iOS and Android – FREE

The interface of this app leaves much to be desired and it may be the least aesthetic on the list, but if you only care about quality information and not how pretty your app interface is, then this one is definitely for you. It has everything from player updates to news reports and podcasts. You can even set up the app so it only shows you exactly what you need!
Fantasy Alarm – Available on iOS and Android – FREE

If you enjoy messing around with your lineups multiple times a day, this app is for you. It gives you up-to-the-second lineup notifications about your players and it does this until the final lineup changes an hour before game time. You’ll also be alerted when one of your players has a bye week.
Now you know all about our favorite fantasy football apps. Go dominate!