Andreas Bakkerud has throughout his career had amazing support from various resourceful people. “-Everyone who has contributed are essential components in getting me to where I am in motorsport right now, and also the fact that I can call myself a world champion in rallycross together with my team Ford Olsbergs MSE. There are so many key people around me that I get goose bumps thinking about it”, says Bakkerud with his familiar smile.
“-In motorsport you’re 100% dependent on your team, and the people around you. In a WorldRX round with Ford Olsbergs MSE I have a minimum of five people working dedicated just for me, but there’s often close to 20 people working for my teammate, Reinis Nitiss, and me on a race weekend. The humble and grateful Bakkerud has always had a solid team behind him: “-My dad both was both team manager, mechanic and chef during the years I drove in karting, so together we were the perfect team”.
In episode two you’ll meet Bakkerud’s manager Jan Tore Brustad, his personal coach Fredrik Brenna-Lund, his brand manager Nina Beate Solberg Susegg and the CEO of Olsbergs MSE, Andreas Eriksson. It’s an yet another exciting journey through the world of Andreas Bakkerud.
Episodes, “We are #AndreasBakkerud”:
Ep. 1: “The Driver” – Meet Andreas Bakkerud himself.
Ep. 2: “The Team” – Meet Bakkerud’s team.
Ep. 3: “The Fans” – Meet Bakkerud’s fans.
Ep. 4: “The Family” – Meet Bakkerud’s family.
Ep. 5: “The Partners” – Meet Bakkerud’s sponsors.
Ep. 6: “The Future” – “Where do we go from here?”