A company called Danbury, which is located in Bristol, England, turns VW Transporter T5 vans into amazing motorhomes that will blow you away. Because they’re British, they call them motorcaravans, but you can call them whatever you want and they’ll still be boss! This camper is pretty amazing, with the key feature being the doubleback. When you’re parked, the doubleback can slide out electrically and extend the back of the van to almost twice its size! Enough room for two people to sleep in the portion that extends out.
While the original version of the VW camper from Danbury only seated two people, the new revised version seats five people! It also has enough space for four people to sleep, which is a pretty amazing thing to get out of a motorhome that is essentially the size of a regular transporter van when you’re driving it around.
Inside the camper, there are two beds (each sleeps two people), a lounging area you can set up when the beds aren’t in use, and of course a full-featured kitchen that even has a grill! There is also enough room to bring along a camping toilet. You can watch a review of the VW Transporter T5 turned into a doubleback motorhome in the video below.
I’m ready to go camping now! Who is buying one of these bad boys and picking me up for a fun road trip?!