Facebook is pretty scary these days with how much information it has about the average person. Many people aren’t extremely tech-savvy and don’t even know how to change their privacy settings. We’ll teach you how to do that and more in this article.
Facebook’s Graph Search was invented by FB to provide its users with an easier way to search for just about anyone. It’s a semantic search engine that answers natural language questions from a user. To give you a working example, let’s say you want to find people who live in Japan and like square dancing. What you would type into the search box is: “people who live in japan and like square dancing”

Bosslike Filters
Once you have your initial search results, you can filter them based on numerous categories. Right away, you have access to filters like gender, relationship status, employer, current city, hometown, school, friendships, etc. But wait! There’s more. You can click ‘SEE MORE FILTERS’ (shown in the image below where the red arrow is pointing) to get even more options.

Clicking on that will open up many more possible categories to narrow your search results down. Things like where the person works exactly, what kind of degree they have, their religious and political views, which languages they speak, and of course you can add more things they like. It’ll probably look something like the image below.

How to Use It Like A Boss
Really simple (and a little insane), right? It’s a really cool way to find people with common interests in your area, and that’s just one example! The way this can be used or abused is mindblowing. We like to focus on the positive, so we’ll outline a few examples of how to use Graph Search to your advantage like a boss.
Make New Friends

That’s probably the main thing FB wanted to accomplish with its search engine, so use it for that. Find people in your area who like the things you do, add them on Facebook and see if something develops out of it. The search could be as simple as, “people who like bowling and live in my hometown”. Boom, you got some potential new bowling buddies like a boss!
Find a Date!
If you’re single, just type in “people who are single and live in my hometown”. You’ll notice there are drop down boxes to the right of your search results. Use those to select a gender and you’ve got a list of potential people to ask out on a date.

Maybe you’re a stalker now. Maybe you require that dating partners have a specific employer?! Well, thankfully FB will let you narrow down the search with that as well! Wow.
Get a Job
If you know the company you want to work at, you can get started. Let’s say you have an undying passion for frying chicken and want to work at KFC for the rest of your life. Type in “people who work at kfc” and you’ll be able to add some friends that already work at KFC.

Then it’s up to you to make the rest happen! You need to become their best friend forever, so they can hook you up with a sweet job at KFC. Just imagine all the chicken you’ll get to fry!
Now that we’ve outlined how you can use the search function to meet anyone for any reason you could think of, maybe you don’t want random people to be able to use FB to hit you up for these reasons? We understand, so here is how to protect your privacy like a boss.
Protecting Your Privacy on Facebook
You’ll want to head to facebook.com/settings to get started. Once you’re there, click on ‘Privacy’ and make sure things are how you want them.
Do the same for ‘Timeline and Tagging’ under settings.
These settings will only affect future posts, so you might also want to manually go through your Activity Log to delete locations on certain posts or make other changes to protect yourself.
If you want to secure your privacy to the maximum level, check out this long tutorial on how to do it!
We hope this post is helpful in navigating the search function on Facebook like a boss! We’re off to search for some people who like cheesecake and live in Afghanistan!