Amazing news for the entire solar power business, and mother earth. This molecule turns all the light into energy, and turn it into Hydrogen fuel.

A research team from The Ohio State University Center for Chemical and Biophysical Dynamics gave the world fantastic news. And boy, do we need this kind of news.

They found a molecule that can utilize the sun’s energy to a much greater extent than before. The findings was published in Nature Chemistry.

This new molecular can harness over 50% more solar energy than current solar cells can, because it absorbs energy from the entire visible spectrum of light. In addition, the molecule can also be used in the process of making hydrogen.

One of the great things with hydrogen is that it is considered to be the energy source of the future, which can be used for transport and power systems, among other things. Clean energy.

Bravo science.

The research team was led by Claudia Turro, professor and director at the University.

“The whole idea is that we can use photons from the sun and transform it into hydrogen. To put it simply, we are saving the energy from sunlight and storing it into chemical bonds so it can be used at a later time,” Turro said and explained it briefly.

“What makes it work is that the system is able to put the molecule into an excited state, where it absorbs the photon and is able to store two electrons to make hydrogen. This storing of two electrons in a single molecule derived from two photons, and using them together to make hydrogen, is unprecedented.”

It is still much work to be done before it can be put to use tho, but we don’t mind waiting.