Five year old brought his kindergarten class to his adoption hearing.


Five year old Michael Orlando Clark Jr. brought all of his friends to hos adoption hearing, and we just can’t hold our tears back. You do not want to miss this video.

Five year old Michael from Michigan got adopted, and on this very special day, he brought a party. He wanted the entire kindergarten to come to the adoption hearing to celebrate with him. “They are kinda like my family,” the smiling five year old said about his classmates when he was interviewed by Wood TV. Not one eye was dry. Even the judges eyes got wet.

Courtesy of Kent County 17th Circuit Court.

Love for Michael. Kent County Court’s picture and story was shared over 100 000 times on Facebook.

All the children from Michaels class held up hearts and some of them even said a few words during the hearing. The judge then told Michael that it was ordered that his forever mom and dad would be David Eaton and Andrea Melvin. Michael had been living with his foster parents for a year before the adoption, and finally they where his legal parents.

A day truly worth celebrating.

According to USA Today, Michaels adoption was one of 36 adoptions that was finalized on the same day due to Kent County’s annual Adoption Day.

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