True Bosses Restore The Faith In Humanity!

Apr 23rd Locky pictures Comment
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Man Builds a Life Sized CockPit in His Home - Like a Boss!

Apr 23rd Kurtov blog Comment

It took over 15 years and $30,000 to build a scale size Boeing 747-400 simulation cockpit in his home, which now gives him access to the skies whenever he feels the urge to soar.

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How To Take A Cannon Ball To The Stomach - Like A Boss!

Apr 23rd geezbond videos Comment
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They Noticed Something Strange Moving Around In Their Trash Can... What They Found Is Absolutely Heartbreaking!

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Throwing Your First Punch Like A Boss!

Apr 23rd geezbond videos Comment
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Star Wars Funeral - A Boy's Final Wish Fulfilled

Apr 23rd saschabrian1 blog Comment

Jack Robinson died at just 4 years of age and his dying wish was to have a Star Wars themed funeral. His parents delivered like true bosses!

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You Wont Believe How Close These Elite Fighter Pilots Fly In Formation! Mind Blowing Skills!

Apr 22nd geezbond videos Comment
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